To enhance the lives of Chicago youth, by providing them with the opportunity to have an enriching summer experience in a safe environment with adult supervision and role models.

Applications for summer camp scholarships for 2016 will be accepted beginning march 1, 2016.  Click on how to apply for details.

It’s summertime in Chicago…. you know what that means….

 For kids who are fortunate enough to attend summer camp is means making new friends and creating life long summer memories.

For kids who can’t afford to go to camp, it means being stuck in the house will their parents are working.   Or worse…hanging out in the neighborhood unsupervised and unprotected from the increased crime rate that Chicago experiences each summer.

 Please consider giving this summer, no amount is too small.

With your donation one kid can have anamazingsummer, without it they won’t…​​​

Each summer thousands of Chicago children are left home alone while their parents go to work.  Some hang out in their neighborhoods without the guidance and protection of a responsible adult.  Others live in neighborhoods plagued by violence and can not leave their homes for fear of being victimized by gang violence. 

Many families can't afford summer camp tuition, especially when they are one income households or have more thank one child.

Your donation can help send a child to camp!  Camp Right is a 501 (c)(3).  We provide summer camp scholarships (up to $1000 per child per summer) to families with a household income of $30,000 or less.  Children must be age 7-14 and reside within the Chicago city limits.  

Parents chose the camp they want their child to attend.  The camp must fall under one of the following categories:  Sports, Arts (music, theater, dance, film), Recreational or Educational (academic, science, engineering, technology).  The Scholarships are paid directly to the Summer Camps.